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Find an embedded HTTP server that meets our needs


Right now we use NanoHTTPD but it isn't HTTP/1.1 compliant as it doesn't support chunked transfer requests. It also doesn't support transfer encodings like gzip which in peer to peer environments really matters since we are often bandwidth constrained. Also NanoHTTPD requires using enums to specify both methods and response bodes which is a real pain since we want to have a platform that can handle new methods and response codes and we can't do that if the supported methods/response codes are hard coded.

I believe all of these problems are fixable in NanoHTTPD. And I intend to go off and chat with the NanoHTTPD community to see if they are open to fixing these issues.

But there is no shortage of HTTP servers in Java out there that should run both on the desktop and on Android. See for one list.

So at some point we need to resolve these issues. - The issue I opened on nanohttpd asking about these challenges.
Closed Oct 17, 2013 at 12:20 AM by yarong
We are changing the design so this is no longer relevant.